Immortal Woofers

Designed specifically for the competition environment, Audiobahn presents the IMMORTAL Series subwoofers. Their quad 2 ohm voice coils can handle up to 2250 watts of continuous power. They feature design elements like 200oz. triple-stacked Strontium magnets, proprietary tall excursion foam surrounds, and 25mm top plates, all ensuring maximum cone excursion and subwoofer efficiency. The Audiobahn IMMORTAL series subwoofers packages these advanced qualities into an ultradurable, cosmetically-appealing, chromed 3-dimensional die cast aluminum basket.

CONE: The ultra-light 2-layer laminated carbon fiber Kevlar cone features an aluminum dustcap, making the cone rigid as well as lightweight. This design allows the cone to travel more easily with the same amount of power. More pressure and more sound can be created because less power is wasted controlling a heavy cone. Since this is an SPL competition subwoofer, high efficiency is crucial.

BACK-PLATE: This woofer features a bumped back-plate, which allows the cone to travel further, increasing excursion. Increased excursion means increased air displacement leading to increased sound pressure levels.

• Proprietary Tall Excursion foam surround: allows for maximum excursion 14/15 and maximum cone surface area
• Ultra light porno gay 2-layer Carbon Fiber, Kevlar® Cone with aluminum dustcap
• Triple Stack Magnet
• Chrome plated 3-dimensional cas t Aluminium Basket
• 25mm Top Plate for Increased Eff iciency
• 2 Ohm voice coil wound on black anodized aluminum former

Magnet Weight
200 oz.
200 oz.
Power Handling
2250 RMS
2000 RMS
4950 Watts
4400 Watts
Freq. Response
20 lesbian porn Hz - 700 Hz
23 Hz - 700 Hz
97 dB
95 dB
Voice Coil
3" lesbian videos Quad 2 Ohm
3" nude celebrities Quad 2 Ohm
0.5, 2 or cartoon porn videos 8 Ohm
0.5, 2 or 8 Ohm
9 5/8"
8 5/8"
Hole Cut Out
13 3/4"
10 7/8"
Outer Diameter
15 1/4"
12 1/4"

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